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healthy-women-fitness-quotesIt’s about an year now that I started my fitness journey. More than fitness I’d say my journey towards being healthier. In this past year I have cut down on a lot of out side food, alcohol and smoking (of every form) Tea has become my new water and walnuts my new snack. I don’t really have an answer to why I eliminated things, food and even people I have been very fond of from my routine. Until late 2013 I had a decent physique and never complained about it. However one of those days I made a random decision to start going to the gym and so I did. My mother laughed at it and was sure that I would quit within a week. The first few days were tough but slowly I started getting used to it. Fortunately, the gym I went to offered a session with the nutritionist. She suggested green tea, raw vegetables, fruits and to consume thrice the amount of water than usual. For me, if it is not cheese and fish the taste does not matter, hence I could easily make these changes to my diet. After a while, I started choosing vegetable juices over canned milkshakes, and salads over biryani, Surprisingly – I enjoyed it.

My friends were horrified to watch me choose tea over beer and brown bread over grilled chicken. I did not inculcate organic meals from a diet perspective but it just so happened that I started feeling more content and healthier with these meals. Healthier from a physical and emotional stand. Nothing has changed since that winter of 2013, I still do regular workouts and stick to an organic diet (of course with occasional cheat meals) Doing all this I have definitely lost considerable amount of weight but I feel more comfortable in my skin today than I ever was. I don’t do any fancy workouts , I have always been a fan of the outdoors. I make sure I go jogging/running at least twice a week, jump rope and strength train with light weights (2.5 kgs) mostly just for toning muscles. Now, it is not the workout that has made me healthier it is the combination of my workouts with the diet I follow. Ever since I have started consuming vegetable juices and eating larger portions of salads my muscle weight has increased, I have dropped inches and I barely use anti acne cream or for that matter any cosmetic because of the miracles our friends from the earth did on my skin.

I have always been productive at work but since this routine I have gotten better. I feel more stable and know how to channelize my energy and most importantly my emotions.

There is nothing about this lifestyle that I would want to change, I feel relaxed, active and much more capable of learning anything new. Even today many people around me taunt and laugh saying that I should act my age and not my grandparents, that I should stop exercising and start eating more, however, I no longer feel agitated by these comments, instead I smile and continue. Exercising for me and for many people I know is more than just an activity, it is a form of meditation where we give our self an opportunity to quiet our mind, an opportunity to find our self.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth and faithfulness the best relationship”-Gautama Buddha


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