A Wave Of Words

Eminem-reading-300x300 Lyrical geniuses like Morrison , Lennon and Osbourne come across to me more as prophets of their time rather than musicians. These poets wrote with no filters and undoubtedly it did offend many but they also made thought provoking music. Music which you could either love or hate but not ignore. Lyrics which sounded absurd, repellent and sensitive at the same time. These musicians had the strength to connect with their listeners to a level which only the listener could experience. They had the power to establish an invisible bond strong and dependable.

People are strange when you are a stranger , faces come out of the rain, when you’re strange no one remembers your name, said Jim Morrison. In the face of entertainment very often these musicians come up with such strong statements which one just can not overlook. A lot of truth is said in just a dictum. Like, being hit by a wave of words and you can not sail through, so strong is their aura, so engulfing is their music.

As a kid all my friends had their version of an alter ego – Hannah Montana, Lizzie Mcguire, Christina to Britney and so on but for me it has always been Marshall Mathers yes I am talking about The Eminem. I have been listening to him since the soft launch of Lose yourself (2003) since then there has never been a day when his music has not comforted me. Every time I have been in a situation instead of seeking for advice I’d just find a space and escape into his lyrical world with his music so intense yet so sensitive. I know many people resist rap for the negativity it promotes but it never affected me. Even in the most harsh of words used, I have always found a deeper meaning. Besides his music, as an individual he has been one of the strongest men I have ever come across. An excellent father, a hurt lover, a friend to always count on and a Lyrical God. His rags to riches journey has not only won him innumerable titles but also hearts, mine for sure and for ever to stay.

When I listen to the latest music I get confused, most of the times I do not understand or I just do not want to understand – Paranoid is the word. Do we even have lyricist anymore or are the words generated by an app which also does the recording later, because all the famous singers today sound robotic to me. I have absolutely no problem with people who listen to trance, edm, house etc but does this mean that lyricists are going to be an extinct breed soon. Where are the people whose music had the power to motivate, celebrate, intimate and even bring tears to our eyes. There have been so many tracks upon listening to which, it gave me a sense of ownership, as though the artist could almost read my mind and knew exactly what i’d like to hear or say. I wonder when will we get to hear such music again. Correct me if I am being ignorant but  I wonder if we’ll get to listen to such music at all again or perhaps start saving our favorites from the past before they become antique.


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