Are you a Nomophobe?

mobile-addictionI wake up from a good nights sleep and reach out to my phone (growing up, I would wake up looking for my toothbrush, that moment when your toothpaste became a bubblegum, it was magical) I unlock my phone and BAAAM – no network! I toss around and try going back to sleep, hoping that when I wake up again, the horror of a network less phone would fade away. I push myself closer to my phone and what I see this time fills my eyes with disbelief and I try misleading my consciousness. No network reception! I immediately reach out to my brother’s, mother’s and father’s phone – they all have network on theirs! telecom could not do this to me, at least not today, when I am geared up for a hike and flaunted the evening earlier, about the brilliance of the GPS on my phone. Half hour later, I decide to switch my sim to another phone and in process I realize that my phone required a micro sim and all the other phones available are not adaptable with my micro sim. I feel like an Orphan but I console myself. I tell myself that, God loves me and he never abandons his child. An hour later I still see no network on my phone. This time I do not feel like an orphan but I realize that I am going through a serious illness.

I think of all the things I was probably missing, due to the lack of accessibility. What if the lakes dried and I didn’t know? What if someone dear to me met with an accident? What if he is trying to call me and since my phone won’t connect he called someone else instead? What if I missed my dream job? What if apocalypse began? I conclude that I am Nomophobiac.

I take shower, get dressed, pack my backpack and set to leave. When I am about to take my first step outside home my phone calls out to me. I see an apology message from my telecom provider, I see the network bars flash on my screen, I see hope, I see life. I leave zombie land and become human once again. I step out of home with broad shoulders, wide smile and immense pride.

Although the hike went great, the way I reacted earlier that day left me thinking all night. I felt sorry for myself. All my life I considered myself independent, professionally and emotionally. But today I acted like a slave to technology. As much as it is a boon, it also makes you parasitic. Gives you a sickness which is very contagious. No one likes being sick definitely not me. So I decided that going forward, on every holiday and at least once in every ten days I would switch off my phone completely for a day. If circumstances do not allow me to switch it off the least I can do is disable the data card / internet on my phone. I have been following this religiously ever since. Every weekend I either give my phone a holiday or I use it to answer calls only from the people who matter the most. I try my best to keep myself away from internet and my phone.

I won’t swear that this has drastically changed my lifestyle but it did make a difference. I feel healthier and more productive because of the hours I am able to save. I use the same time by relaxing , catching up with movies or books and sometimes putting my thoughts and experiences to words. Most importantly I enjoy human company more than my smart phone’s.



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