The world as one

Having been a traveler myself, I have got a chance to meet people from different walks of life. I love engaging myself in conversation with fellow travelers and co tourists, I am never interested in their name or their economical background, instead, I have always wanted to know their hobbies, interests, favorite cuisine, street culture at their home and never ending conversations about their heritage and diversity.

Today, I realized how I make a bunch of really good friends in a very short time no matter where I am geographically. I thought about how I have been able to make friends although I am not a bar or club person, where one usually meet a lot of people.

I sat down and recollected conversations I had in the past and in the present, conversations because of which I have been able to connect with people so easily.

Food – On a seafood diet, you see it-you eat it!

Whether we eat at The Grand Budapest or a road side burger joint, the way our taste buds react always remain the same. 80% of my first time conversations have always revolved around food, cuisines and cooking. I enjoy food and I have always believed that hunger has no religion. No matter which country, religion or community one is from, food is a topic one can never not contribute towards. FYI – the world loves Indian Food! *pat on my back*

Cultural Diversity – The art of thinking independently together, Malcolm Forbes

Didn’t Forbes say that right?! Every time I visit a new place or I speak with people from a different heritage I am always amazed by how although we are worlds apart, we are same on the surface. Having lived in the Middle East for half my life and being an Indian by roots, I was always confident that no other expat would have the amount of cultural diversity I have been exposed to. But my perspective totally changed because of my friends from different countries who tell me about cultural disturbances and bureaucratic involvement at their home country. I realized that at the ground level, no matter how healthy economically a country is, people do not change. People carry the same emotions and want for importance and security. Whether you are an Asian or a British the way you embrace your culture is to me a true globalizing contributor and a dialogue winner.

Sports – No one ever drowned in sweat, Lou Holtz

Gone are those days when being sporty was associated to being masculine. I have met many women who are more informative about sports than their counterparts. Every time I spend time with a sport enthusiast, time flies away. There is a certain discipline that these people carry with themselves which can set them apart from anyone else. The whole world is connected with each other through inter country tournaments, be it league football, cricket or tennis. Even though I have differences with people, the moment I come to know that they support the same club as I do, I set aside all the differences. As silly as this sounds, it plays a very important psychological role in my life.

Literature – Only the very weak minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry, Cassandra Clare

Literature to me is food for my soul. And how I love pampering my soul! It is extremely important for me to at the least, read a prose a day. I am a firm believer of the famous saying that, when you find the right book, the book will open up to you. It is similar with people and relationships too, isn’t it?! I feel sorry for those who are disinterested in literature, feel like they are missing out on opportunities to live multiple lives at once. I can only think of a conversation with anyone with regards to literature, poetry or anything latent that I haven’t enjoyed. I have made many friends and established beautiful relationships in whilst of discussing their language, latent interests and creative applications. It is rare to find two people who read and enjoy the same book, but once you find them, don’t you let them go!


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