The Portable Magic

FB/Twitter/Instagram etc are platforms where most of us share random pictures and admiration about the climate, celebrities and announce our location.I hold myself guilty for actively being a part of all the above acts myself. However, today I choose this platform to write about one of my favorite hobbies a hobby that I am very proud of. Since quite a while now I have been spending time reading a lot of books. Every time I return a text or a call stating that I was reading a book I have received reactions from many, such as “wait, you can read?” “you loner” ,“I can help you fall asleep”, “what is wrong with you” and so on.These reactions have always left me amused. I will not blame anyone though, because couple of years back I was of a similar opinion.

Books are boring I thought.

One evening in early2012 I was in a bookstore accompanying my friend. And somehow I came across this book called Secrets by Angela Arney.This book was visibly placed on the top of the lowest shelf in the spirituality section.I was first curious and wondered as to what role would “secrets” have in a spirituality genre definitely not The Secret by Rhonda Byrne that would be placed in philanthropy I thought.Very curiously I picked this book and was amused to see that the cover picture was more of a chick flicks or of a rom-com.It did not look like my friend would leave any time soon so I started reading this book.I was engulfed in it, almost felt like I was a part of someone’s life, someone very close.

That was well the first book I bought, and I do not regret having bought that book. It has a very special place in my library today.Since then there has been no discontinuation, I now owe numerous books by different authors across different genres.Today after I finished reading a book It made me realize that even after 2 hours of having turned the last page I have somehow still been thinking about the protagonist, almost feels like missing a good old friend.I thought about that evening when I made a visit to the bookstore with no clue as to what I was going to discover.I have secretly thanked the storekeeper many a times for having misplaced the book in the wrong shelf and thus grabbing my attention.Well it could have been a reader/customer who caused the mismatch but I would like to believe that it was the storekeeper and I do not intend to justify my belief.

In the average amount of time one spends on surfing over the social networking sites one could catch up on some reading.Reading not only is a great stress buster but also will improve your analytical,creative,latent and a lot of other skills.I know now at the back of your mind you are like “I barely have time to catch up with my friends where the heck am I going to fit in a book”My answer to that is if I can manage work-workouts-friends-studying-music and reading books all in the same 24 hours you have, I am sure you will be able to as well.I hope you discover the right book for you soon, once you do I am sure you are going to stock up and enjoy the pleasure of owning a treasure!

P.S : A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives Before He Dies – George R R Martin.