12 Signs How I Realized That I Have Gotten Old

This past week was phenomenal, with a lot of progress in my professional and personal life. So, I decided to take a moment and relax before I switched on my brain and start working on my blog. In that brief moment, I thought of all the events that occurred in my life recently, and the experiences I was alone responsible for. It is funny how I realized that my lifestyle had changed gradually since the last 1 to 2years and the change has so far been pleasant and self rediscovering. I told myself that it must be the age, the voice from within acknowledged, I smiled and instantly knew what this weeks blog would be about.

So here are the signs that made me realize I have gotten old and hopefully – wise 🙂

1. Finally can understand my father’s Wall Street and Investment Banking jokes

2.Spend unusual amount of time talking to family, usually about important issues like successful bargaining at the farmers market and not so important issues like personal finance

3.Tea and thoughts is a better combination than Netflix and Chill

4.No longer invest in clothes, accessories and cosmetics, but, on bath products and fragrances

                   5.Developing an OCD for cleanliness and hygiene

6.Panic on not finding the diary with a to-do list for the day, while the cell phone is mostly lying under the couch, in the fridge or on the kitchen platform waiting to be discovered

7.Side braids are sexier than open hair and no makeup is the new makeup

8.Clubs and parties are scary but hiking into a forest is not

9.Finally realize that cooking is not too tough, it is pure science, a little art and lot of economics

10.Pink is just another color

11.Can switch from angel to mental in the speed of light

12.This one was the revelation – no longer shy to sing, dance and ROFLMAO  on my own humor in public!




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