The Economic Alchemist

Oxygen Volume 14

We humans are undoubtedly the most restless, anxious, unreasonably paranoid earthlings today.  This is both a boon and a curse. If we are to accept life the way it comes and settle down to believing what we receive is what we deserve; versus, quenching the thirst for finding answers; would we ever improvise? Most likely we would not. On the contrary, will the questions ever end? and will we ever be satisfied by the answers? Irrespective of the magnitude of intellect we collect there is still a void within each one of us that is hard to fill. Fortunately, few of us have the ability to recognize that void while the others are happy in their ignorance. In many ways economics is not only a mathematical approach to solve this dismal way of living but is also an intuitive approach to bring order to the chaos. Reference the water-diamond paradox; we all know that water is more important to us than diamonds, yet we pay a fortune to owe the latter. The demand and supply curve of both the commodities clearly determine the desire to owe the latter over the former. Similarly, answers to what make us question our belief system and our true purpose of existence is scarce and the distractions are plenty. Making the distractions a mere necessity and the tools to self actualization a desirable commodity. A commodity so highly thought about, that even Maslow had to put it on the higher tier of the pyramid. Imagine a world where we can bring down self actualization to the most basic need. A world where we can breakeven between hope and reality; integrity and competition; and above all love and ownership. A world with no barriers, where no tariffs apply on exchanging ideas, and where dreams are not taxed. An economic free trade zone for human interactions. We can create this world by suppressing the fear to question and paraphrasing all the answers the universe offers in its infinite ways. It is easy to create a world where commodities are given their real value and not valued on the basis of their perceived worth. Just like any other creation this world needs a creator too. There is a creator in each one of us hiding behind the sheets comfortably tuck in its own bubble of assumptions and social dogma. The creation in its entirety is whole only when it surpasses the creators inception. Just like any other creation this world will need a welder too. Having said that, the question now becomes – are you ready to be the Alchemist?


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