To defeat the mind.


The human mind is so powerful. It has the ability to separate you from your surroundings and facilitate you to embark into a journey of creative ideologies and illogical idiocy. The mind empowers you to think, perhaps distinguishing you from an animal. All it takes is a moment of calmness for the mind to let you slip into an infinite sea of thoughts. For all you see, hear, and believe is just a fraction of the universe. The mind gives you the superior power to save, prevent, create, destroy, influence, dictate, provoke, conquer, and justify for reasons driven by objectivism or altruism. A repository of memories filled with joy, regrets, success, and failure reminding you of the consequence of every action you once took. A mental memo of your belief-system to create experiences and opportunities which are made to exist because of how powerful your mind’s persistence is. The mind is so resilient and intimidating that even the Universe bows to its potential. The mind is superior to time for it is not subjected to only progress but also to depreciate. There is no present without its acceptance and there can be no future without its approval. It is an entity of its own beyond the control of any religion, bureaucracy, and environment. The mind is dimensionless because of its unfathomable capacity to process, perceive, and execute. The mind however is always paralyzed by another entity living in a secluded niche which has no beginning and end, no proof of existence, no definition, no ambition, the silent king maker, the magnet of controversies, the bizarre opportunist, the innocent victim – ah, the Soul.

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